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Info-Products Need Love Too


Network Marketing is booming full speed ahead.  In some ways, that is wonderful; in others, it’s not so good.  Mistakes are bound to be made and the biggest one is that the attempt to keep up with the Jones pays the cost of quality and originality.

Private Label Rights (PLRs) is the buzz phrase these days in the constant struggle to maintain ongoing presence on the net.  It has gotten to the point that people are throwing anything up on their sites or tossing strange bedfellows together as their product, simply to “be there” or have a giveaway or even (horrors) create an item to sell.

Have you ever tried to turn a PLR article or ebook into your own product?  It isn’t easy.  By the time you have twisted and turned words and concepts around, you have ended up with a totally different piece.  The good thing about PLRs is that they often serve to jumpstart your thoughts when you are at a loss.  But that’s it.

Even then, there is enough of a smell about a PLR article that no matter how you massage it, it is recognizable by those in the know.  It’s uncanny.  I personally have seen one e-book twisted into five different versions that still had a remnant of its original flavor running through them all.  What was most disappointing was that three of the “products” were being sold.

I suppose it is no different than any other service being offered these days.  Any of you who have read Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged know what I mean.  The quality of work and end result has gone terribly awry.  One can no longer depend upon anything to be true to its original promise.  Bridges are folding, railway tracks are eroding, food has become poison and American dollars are quickly losing their value.  Even the Golden Arches have earned the nickname McNasty.  Small wonder we fail to find anything more credible or original online.

It doesn’t have to be that way.  With a little love, attention and thought, we can produce a much higher quality of work that is representative of who we are or at least who we yearn to be.  Writing is an art form which means it comes in all shapes and sizes.  It can be philosophical, based upon research, educational, entertaining or just plain given from the heart.  All these modes work and work well. The important key is to write about what you know, that which holds value to you.  When it is interesting to you, and you write from the heart, it will be interesting to others.  When you write in your voice (as you normally speak), it will be recognized by others.  And when you are honest and forthright in your comments, it will be appreciated by others.

The best part of it all is that once you get started, it really only takes a few moments to write an article of quality.  Transfer that same attention to an e-book and while it may take a little longer, it will flow in the same manner.

Treat info-products with a little love and you will end up having created conscious products – ones others will appreciate being able to share.  And that, my friend, is the true way to handle business.

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