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Been meditating from the Master Key System for about seven weeks now – on lesson seven.  I want to share the results of meditation I had based on the lessons but first I need to set up the understanding of the meditation itself.

Before I state it, let me say that about ten years, I began a meditation routine that was developed during a group meditation group we held at a coffee shop around the corner from our Ile in Chicago on lower Evans.  In the group was the owner of the shop – a Universalist, a breatharian who was also a Baptist minister and a seminary student for the Baptist faith.  I, of course, was and am a Yoruba priest.

The meditation began at that space and has grown over the years.  Currently, I go to a river and cleanse myself and dress in white clothes.  I use to have one of my ancestral energies dress me but I came to realize I was holding them back by using them in such a way so I let them go and now cleanse myself.  Once I am ready to go, I fly.  I don’t remember when I rec’d my wings but it was around five years ago.  And then I realized I could invite others to the river, cleanse them and give them their wings as well.

Sometimes I will fly around, just enjoying the beautiful scenery and then go to my place, and sometimes I just go straight there. This time I went straight there.  It is a valley deep in the top of the mountains that cannot be seen by anyone who does not know it there.  I realize this is shamelessly lifted from Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged.”

There is a bench upon which I sit for a moment and then I go to my house in this place.  I go in and greet my higher consciousness who I call Omowale.  We sit and talk and I touch base with him with regards to where I have been consciously over the last period since last we talked.  I will ask questions with regard to my alignment with my higher destiny and he will sometimes give unsolicited direction when he feels necessary.

I leave him and then go into another room to consult with Oya, who is my primary Orisha energy.  We will talk about situations that fall under her purview and I will seek clarity when necessary.

I then go into another room where Yemoja/Maat and Obatala sit.  They will give me guidance and then I go to the next phase which is the bottom of the ocean.

The place, I neglected to mention, is a dream home I have been envisioning for a number of years now.  The last room I visit has a swimming pool in it that takes me to the bottom of the ocean.

There I am greeted by an army of ancestral energy and I then go into an underwater dwelling to meet with Olokun.  He proceeds to give me direction and guidance.

I then swim back to the the air and then fly up to the top of a mountaintop.  This is another opportunity to stop, breathe and enjoy the scenery.

Finally I approach a giant double door that is guarded by two Masai warriors.  We exchange amenities and then they let me in.  I walk down a long hallway, seek entrance into another doorway by knocking and then enter into my ancestral chambers.  There are seven major ancestors I greet which include my mother, father and spiritual father, as well as other mentors – known and unknown in our world – that have guided me on my path.  There are other energies around that are not at the table but are important as well that I acknowledge.  They then begin to blast me.  :-)

I never recall leaving that place in the meditation but seem to awaken from within the hall.

I will be sharing various messages I receive during the time that I will share with you.  Needed though to set the stage in order to do so.

Much respect and more love.

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