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Continuing from the meditation scenario I posted the other day – http://ifalola.com/words/meditation-scenario/ – I would like to now share with you the results of one of my latest meditations.

After I had done my initial preparation for the meditation, the following revelations were made to me:

Omowale told me that in “changing water to wine,” we don’t ‘do’ anything.  We provide the clear channel for it to take place. The “God” within us is the ability to tap into God’s energy – serve as a conduit – for the work to be done.  We don’t ‘do’ anything – we are the channel.

Oya told me that mental instability goes beyond just being mentally deranged. It means having continual random thoughts, allowing past, present or future projections to continually play and to lack the focus of being an empty vessel.

Yemoja/Ma’at says to make sure we are pure in heart (intent) – making sure personal intent does not enter the equation.

Obatala says the mind is the mine to extract instructions to implement.  Input comes in and the mind processes the means with which to imlement the work – shape it.

Egun were happy to see me.  Olokun reinforced what he has been doing for me and told me that a missing piece is that input comes from the Egun as well.  We get it from above (the ‘what’ to do) and instruction from below – the ‘how’ to do it.  We stand on the shoulders of those who have “been there – done that.”

to be continued…


Writing comes and goes for me.  I go through periods in my life when I feel the “muse” as some folk call it, and other times when I just sit there, looking at a blank screen.  Interesting state of affairs, as most people know how much I love to talk.

One of the most important things I have discovered about writing is to just begin doing so.  You write one word and then another, and another, and another.  Somehow, within the mix of the moment, the words begin to blend and shape a thought that leads to another that leads to another.

You keep going and as you write, the words begin to flow and you realize you have tapped into the rhythm of a particular notion that has been waiting to be realized, to be presented to the world.

I struggled desperately against writing when I was younger.  Although I felt I was quite good at it (always falling in love with the words that came from my lips – I knew they weren’t mine) I didn’t like committing to it, mainly because my father, who was an astrologer, told me it was something I was destined to do.

You know how it is, when we are young we balk against everything we are “supposed” to do.

While I am slightly disturbed that it took me so long to pick up my pen, I am also aware that had I begun writing at an earlier age, I really would have been twiddling my thumbs because I would not have had much to write about.

You will really get tired of me now.  I’ve lived a little and I have a LOT to say.  I hope you will enjoy.


It has been a long … and I mean a LONG time coming but I have finally finished my book Devil Ain’t Nothin’ But A Five Letter Word: A Self-Help Journal To Transforming Fear.

Devil Ain’t Nothin’ But A Five Letter Word

I’m not real sure why it took me so long to complete it except that as we all know, our writing reflects what is occurring internally within us and I suppose I had to catch up with the book in order to complete it.

It was certainly a learning experience for me or perhaps I would be better off to say “training” experience.  Sometimes we find it very difficult to actually use the advice we teach.

I know that transforming my personal fear has been extremely difficult, especially in today’s current climate.  Not only have I had my own fear with which to contend, I have had to work with everyone else’s fear as well.  The global climate is reeking with its smell.

In completing the book, I found the tools I needed and hope that in your reading it, my tools will be of assistance to you as well.

You can purchase a copy of this book and my other two books Heeding the Ancestral Call, and my latest book, She Threw A Stone Tomorrow, by visiting the following link:


Ebook versions of all three books will be available soon.  The hard copies will be available through Amazon in a couple of weeks.

Thank you for your support.

“Hambone, Hambone, where you been?”

As a child, the world was so wide;

There were valleys and mountains,

(My ups and downs,)

And sometimes I wondered at surviving.

“I been down home and back again.”

As a youth, the mountains turned to hills,

And there was nothing I couldn’t do,

Or not wanted to; and I found

Myself lost in a vacuum.

“Hambone, Hambone, where you been?”

When I grew up, the hills turned back to mountains;

But instead of turning back…I climbed.

“I’ve been to me and back again.”