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Iya’falola H. Omobola


Iya'falola H. Omobola

Iya’falola H. Omobola


Winner of the 2006 Urban Spectrum National Black Book Awards in the category of African Spirituality, Yoruba priest Iya’falola H. Omobola has observed the Orisha/Ifa system of Nigeria for the past 40 years.  She was eventually initiated to Orisha in 1994 and to Ifa in 2004.  She has also been initiated to the Palo and Vodoun traditions and is an ordained Universal Life Church Monastery minister.

She Threw A Stone Tomorrow” is the last of a trilogy written by Iya which includes “Heeding the Ancestral Call: A Collectively Individual Journey Back to Spiritual Basics” and “Devil Ain’t Nothin’ But A Five Letter Word: A Self-Help Journal to Transforming Fear” which can be found at http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/ifalola.  You can purchase a copy of “Stone” in digital format here –Stone.  She is currently working on her fourth book. Stay tuned.

Iya’falola also publishes a quarterly ezine entitled Oya N’Sorohttp://oyansoro.com – which explores ancestral and other modes of healing for Africans in America.  Her temple, Ile Ominira Ilu (the House of the Land That’s Been Freed) is located in Jackson, MS and is a development from Imole Agbo Iwosan (the House of Light’s Medicine is for Healing) that began in 1995 in Ohio and migrated to Illinois in 1996 through 2012.

A spiritual counselor focusing upon ancestral healing for African Americans, Iya’falola conducts consultations, classes and workshops.  Her next workshop – Heeding the Ancestral Call: An Ancestral Healing Focus – will be held on the Spring Equinox – March 21st through 23rd 2014 – in Jackson, MS.  For further information, please sign up for our mailing list  in the upper right box on this page.

Committed to finding and reconnecting the scattered pieces of Truth found within all spiritual and religious mindsets, Iya’falola can be reached at P. O. Box 11033, Jackson, MS 39283-1033, (708) 252-3421 or iyafalola.h.omobola @ gmail.com.